Living The Transformed Life

This was a Seminar combined with our Annual Student Graduation

God blessed in an amazing way, and many are still raving about their experience at the live seminar. You can read some of their comments on the reviews page.

The seminar consisted of Three Days of Lectures and Practical Workshops. Lectures were given by Apostles Les D. Crause and Nadine C. Stohler, and each meeting ended with powerful prayer for the entire group under the leading of the Holy Spirit.

What Is The Transformed Life?

All of us start out in life with similar circumstances. It is true that each of us is born into a situation that has both advantages and disadvantages.

But when we start out we all start out with the same thing – No History, No Experiences, No Knowledge, No Abilities

This soon changes as we begin to experience life and all of its problems. And before long we are exposed to things that affect us, often for the rest of our lives.

And so we all grow up with some form of malfunction or corruption in our psyches. And it all comes as a result of the experiences of life.

What Can We Do About It?

In the natural there is very little we can do. We have become the product of our life experiences, and often this has left us with scars that seem impossible to heal.

So we go through life with weaknesses, and we fail to accomplish everything we desire. Often we see others reaching the goals we desire but have failed to attain.

God Has A Solution

It might seem impossible in the natural to change things. The past is gone and we cannot return there to change things. But there is hope for a believer.

God can take those malfunctions and deformations that have been created and totally remove them. And the final result is

Reformation and Transformation

You Will Learn How

The purpose for this seminar is to not only teach you, but also help you to experience a supernatural transformation. If you come with expectation and a core desire to be changed, then we can guarantee you that

You Will END Different To what You Were When You STARTED

As you watch or listen to the healing prayer, you can break free of those things and experience the wonderful liberty that comes when we experience the Transforming Power of God.

Distance Learning

All ministry both in the Word and in the Spirit were fully captured into camera and uploaded to this website. So now you are able to in effect have a Front Row Seat from the comfort of your home.

You will also be able to download the Workbook given to those who attended live as well as other material offered with the seminar.

Register Now And Come Experience The Wonder of Transformation

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10 thoughts on “Living The Transformed Life”

  1. Yeah!I’m in,wow!I cant wait for this seminar. I believe its going to be life changing indeed.Thank you for the initiative its a great one.I pray more people who desire God to bring change in their Lives would register, for I know for sure God is working in a Mighty way through the 2 Apostles giving a Lecture and the rest of the ministry team 🙂

  2. Not to be missed, Every conference at GBM is life transforming and I just feel the power of God when i think about this next one, I feel a shaking.

  3. We are defiantly coming Dad, both myself and my husband, I thank the Lord for this seminar about Reformation and Transformation, Halleluyah, we won’t miss it for anything!

  4. A seminar not to be missed , I am ready to experience the transforming power of God, I believe that it will be another moment in God’s plan to change and affect the Nations of world, I am looking forward to meeting the Lord for my own transformation .I thank God for GBMI team for organising this event on behalf of the Body of Christ . Bro Ricks

  5. I thank Almy God for upcoming spiritual event where my life will be totally transformed. I can’t wait to experience the fulfillment. Thanks to the GBMI team

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